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What this site is:

This site is provided to offer an online place to maintain an electronic engineering log for the FTC challenge.

This site is currently managed by FTC6002 Basilisks. You can find their engineering log from the "Ring It Up" season at https://sites.google.com/site/terranova6002/engineering-logs.

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However, this website was founded by FTC2848 Techno Guards used an online engineering notebook for all of their seasons. The team retired after the "Get Over It" challenge and have made their notebooks available to all on their website at http://www.technoguards.org/EngineeringView




if you are a returning team, and would like to see your previous log, it's still here, but it's now under a separate subdomain

Ring It Up season: http://riu.ftcengineering.org

Bowled Over Seasonhttp://bowledover.ftcengineering.org

Get Over It Season: http://goi.ftcengineering.org



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Disclaimer: The owners and maintainers of this site are not employees of FIRST nor is this an official FIRST site. It is offered as a service, free of charge, for all FTC teams by the Basilisks - FTC Team 6002.




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